Closure Academic Year 2016-2017


A new academic year  closes it long agenda, in this opportunity, as could not be otherwise, I want to express to our teachers that we admire, recognize and value their daily labor, of guiadence, education and support that all of you give to each of our students.

Thanks for being the light that help them to develop their competitive spirit and the perseverance to persuit their dreams with the love and patience you have.

To our graduating students, we want to embrace them to not give up in this new adventure, is a very important step in your life, don’t give up and follow your dreams and goals.

To the parents of our beloved students and graduates, we want to thank you for all the support and the confidence you give us for educating your children, we share the joy to see them ending this beautiful stage and we hope to keep seing them growing up in life.

This school year has been a challenge for all of us, we have faced lots of obstacules and mistakes, however, we’ve learned to sail through them enriching ourselves with edificant experiences  and achievements in academics .

We want to give infinite thanks to God, he bless us, and has been a light to us and give us the strength to continue our work of teaching.

Dr. Lissette Herrera
School Principal
Nicaraguan Bilingual School